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Journeyman III

PMU issue for opteron 6200, 6300

Im using Opteron 6320.

I think there is a problem about PMU.

i tried to measure LLC cache miss by using "perf" tool in LINUX(CentOS 6.5)

when i tried

    $ perf stat -e LLC-store-misses,LLC-load-misses ls

the results is as follows

<not supported> LLC-store-misses

           7557 LLC-load-misses 

as you can see, I cannot obtain "LLC-store-misses" .

And when i use raw event number.

from BKDG 15h, the L3 cache misses's event number is 0x4E1

when i tried

      $ perf stat -e r4e1 ls

the results is as follows

  Error: open_counter returned with 28 (No space left on device). /bin/dmesg may provide additional information.

  Not all events could be opened.

there is not any messages in "/var/log/messages"

and I also did "opcontrol --deinit"

Even if "L3 cache misses", I cannot use almost PMU raw event code such as

  1. "Link Transmit bandwidth"

  2. "Memory Controller Reqeusts"

which is metrics what i want to measure

How can I use Raw Event Code with perf tool


- I compiled linux kernel with all performance related modules

- I only want to use "perf" tool which means I don't want to use CodeAnalysis and profile


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