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Journeyman III

Please, new implementation in next release of driver (disable hotplug displayport function....)

Hello , first of all I'm sorry to everyone for my imperfect English , because I'm Italian ...
I have an ATI HD7750 and an EIZO monitor connected to Displayport cable . Using the PC to use purely photographic , I have to calibrate my monitor with a sensor ( Datacolor spyderpro ) .

When booting the operating system , everything works perfectly , because the software loads the monitor ICC profile . The problem is that every time I turn on and turn off the monitor , windows detects it as hotplug, then the ICC profile is lost. I researched and read that Displayport have a pin dedicated to hotplug (pin 18) .... So every time I turn off the monitor is as if I disconnect it from the PC , and when I turn on the computer detects it as a new monitor ( ICC profiles are dedicated to each different monitor , then I lose calibration settings ....) . If I use my monitor connected to DVI , it works correctly .

It is possible that in the next driver is inserted an option that disables hotplug function via software?  The alternative is to be able to locate the wire at pin 18 and cut it, but it is a job too complicated and risky

You can read the specifications Displayport here: DisplayPort - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia

I also attach an image with the log of spyderutility that demonstrates the change.

P.S. Nvidia seems to have resolved by entering the control panel of video card (Quadro series), an option to disable the hotplug monitor , but I'm not sure , because it is only a story that I read in a forum...

Thank you very much.


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