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Journeyman III

Please help me! AMD/ATI i2c(DDCCI) error! TKS!

I use atipdl(atipdlxx.dll) for i2c communication , But  always failed !!!

ATIDL_WriteAndReadI2C(ULONG, stATI_I2C *);
typedef struct tagATI_I2C
ULONG ulSize; // size of stATI_I2C
ULONG ulLine; // Numerical value representing hardware I2C
ULONG ulAddress; // The 7-bit I2C slave device address
ULONG ulOffset; // The offset of the data from the address
ULONG ulAction; // Read from or write to slave device
ULONG ulSpeed; // I2C clock speed in kHz
ULONG ulDataSize; // A numerical value representing the number of bytes to be sent or receive on the I2C bus
PUCHAR pucData; // Address of the unsigned characters which are to be sent or receive on the I2C bus
} stATI_I2C;

Can you provide one sample?


graphics card :HD7750

system: xp 32

programming language :VS2010(C++)



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