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Journeyman III

Please give us Mantle SDK


Any word about when some kind of Mantle SDK will be available?

We understand the worry that releasing an SDK would somewhat fix the api while AMD still wants to be able to change it,

but it can be released with some big warning that any and all functions and stuff can be changed in the future versions.

I think if a developer is willing to port engine/whatever to a new api, which is already quite big task,

he most likely won't be troubled too much by some future tweaks to the api.

I mean what is changing of a function name or two when compared to implementing support for entire new api..

I looked at the the list of exported function names from the new driver (mantle64/32.dll),

If i may comment on it, it looks very good and clean. I only noticed one very insignificant issue, that is,

the name of the function grCreateDevice. My objection is against the usage of the term "device".

I mean a device is hardware, it is created in the factory. A software function can not possibly create a device!

Since this is a fresh api start, why not use the chance to clean-up the terminology from microsoft-ish misguided "terms" too?

The logically right term for this is "context". A context is a collection of states, textures, shaders, and so on in which the application

issues drawing and other commands.

Best regards,


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Journeyman III

Re: Please give us Mantle SDK

It is not necessary to be some official SDK release for now.

At first even a single header with function prototypes and the necessary structs and enums will do.

Maybe with a few comments here and there when the mere prototype is not enough to describe the detailed behavior of the function.

Best regards,