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Journeyman III

please bring back some features from overdrive and some more features for wattman

hi dev team,

i want you to ask, if you could PLEASE add the option to Wattman, that you can reduce the VRAM Clock down till 150 Mhz by force, even if the driver don't support it?

i have a Sapphire 290x TRI-X OC, but since Crimson, i can't get the VRAM clock under 625 Mhz. So i must stay at the Version 16.11.5 to keep the card cool and also has a very low power consumption, even if my 2 Monitors are on at 2D mode.

You even can solve this everlasting issue with the power consumption in dual monitor mode, where the power consumption of AMD Cards is much higher than from Nvidia Cards. In 2D mode, set the GPU Power to -50% and the VRAM Clock fixed to 150 Mhz (both overrideable through Wattman). This is even fast enough to play some games at max settings and 60 fps (like Yonder: The Cloud Catcher Chronicles)

At the same time, please setup a 2D Profile at games profiles, so you can activate it very fast, if the normal detection fails.

Also i request an option, where i can restart the driver on the fly manually like if its crashed and restarted. Background: i have a game, that sometime crashes, but leave the GPU at 100 % Workload. Only a reboot helps there.

i hope you can do this changes


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