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Journeyman III

Please adopt market segmentation for your GPU products.....

May I suggest that when you guys develop then next iteration of GPUs that you guys please reduce the SP and DP performance artificially to prevent the sell out and price hike of your GPU products that are targeted for the gamer audience. I don't like the idea of paying $699 for an R9-290X or $500 for an R9-290 because of these Lite coin miners. This is why you guys need to understand market segmentation like Nvidia does. You need to sell a separate card that has full DP and SP unlcoked at $700 for those coin miners so that AMD can get those profits that all the E-retailers are getting and so we gamers can have the artificially crippled version of the same card for gaming at the MSRP instead of this craziness that is going on at the moment.

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