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Journeyman III

pleaaase help

hello there .. I have a note book with  AMD radeon HD 7600M  when I put it on high performance for a game a black line interrupts my screen and I can't play  ..

when I put it on power saver it works GREAT !!! I could run old games on the power saver mode without any problem but the new ones don't work fine ..

I went to every computer repair shop and didn't find the problem PLEASE HELP 

thank you very muc

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Adept I

I am so sorry to inform you that this forum is not about games or any products problem.

It is used for developer to discuss AMD development problems, I think you need to ask for some computer

manipulating forums.

aaw I am very sorry ... I didn't know that thanks for telling me ...

but can you tell me where to I COULD ASK FOR THIS ??

thank you