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Journeyman III

phenom II x4 965 BE hypertransport bug ???

Yup, that's a good idea too.  But I already replaced my GTX-285 video card with an older GT 8600 card, without seeing a change.  Just to try everything, I also found a three or four month old version of the driver and tried that too.  Again, no change.

I just ordered my third phenom II x4 965 BE CPU tonight.  This will be my last attempt to fix the problem with a new CPU.  If they have this many of these CPUs in the supply lines with underspeed hypertransport interfaces, I will wait for some future CPU model before I try again.  I don't know what else to try.

Adept III

phenom II x4 965 BE hypertransport bug ???

Hmm... your case is a definitely remarkable one. Perhaps you've really managed to find a serious problem. Did you try to post somewhere on AMD Developers Blog? Maybe you'll manage to get response that way.