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Journeyman III

PerfStudio 3.0 with 3DMark11/3DMark ?

Does Perfstudio 3.0 not work with 3dmark11/3dmark/vantage? I am trying to launch those applications to capture some frames but always ending up with "Failed to launch application" error.

Attached Screenshots of my commands. Note that these commands work in launching the application in cmd.

What should I do if I want to analyze the DX workloads?

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One thing you could try is to make a shortcut to the application and its command line arguments. Verify that this works by launching the shortcut. You should then be able to drag the shortcut onto the PerfStudio server.

Also, double-check the naming of your xml file and ensure it matches the file on disk.



Hi Tony

On dragging an exe file onto the correct server, I am not able to choose any API since DX is not showing up in the list. Perfstudio is working correctly with OpenGL workloads but not with DX ones like 3dMark/3dMark11.

The xml file is correct since I am able to launch the application directly from command line



Unfortunately, the 64-bit version of 3DMark11 doesn't currently work with PerfStudio. However (using v105), if you do a custom install, you can select and install the additional 32-bit components. What you need to do then is copy everything from C:\Program Files\Futuremark\3DMark11\bin\x86 to C:\Program Files (x86)\3DMark11\bin\x86 and create a shortcut to 3DMark11.exe in the x86 folder. You should then be able to drag this shortcut onto the 32-bit PerfStudio server.

When running the benchmark, make sure that just one of the tests in "selection" is checked. In the settings, check "Loop" and "Window Mode". When the benchmark loading screen is displayed, connect the client, and make sure that "Time Spoofing on pause" is set to "Freeze" from the client "Windows | Settings | General" page.

As far as Vantage goes, which version are you running? v113 is reporting as being DX10, which is no longer supported by PerfStudio.