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Journeyman III

Performance issues with 1080p resolution

Hello guys,
I come here to ask for help, because I really do not understand the way my GPU is working.

Just the facts.

I employ a 64-bit Linux distribution, and it have everything I need. Previously I was dual-booting with a Windows x64, which I usually played many games. (ex: Team Fortress 2, Left4Dead2 ...)

The fact is that in Linux the games in question has no performance compared to Windows. They are under constant, terrible slowdowns, lags, are unplayable.

I have no problem to recreate the Windows partition, but I really wanted to know why the performance is lower than the same GPU in Linux



CPU: AMD Phenom II x4 965@3.4Ghz
RAM: 8GB RAM (2x 4GB) Kingston
GPU: AMD Radeon HD6670 2GB Edition Core 128bits.

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