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Journeyman III

performance counters

Hi guys,

I am trying to access the performance counters of a AMD CPU of family 14h.

As I understand there are two registers of interest as documented in the bios and kernel developer reference of the  14h family (attached):

- PERF_CTL[3:0]  performance event select

- PERF_CTR[3:0] performance event counter

I set PERF_CTL[0] which is at MSR0xC0010000   to  value "0x400076" this should enable the counter and select event 76h

reading the value at PERF_CTR[0]  at MSR0xC0010004   it always return value ''0".

Are there any further registers I have to be aware of?

Please respond guys - I really appreciate your help.


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Adept II


Since you haven't gotten any replies on the forums yet, try contacting AMD Support here:




I want to measure realtime temperature and total energy consumption using on chip sensors ,

1- is there any MSR exists for realtime per core energy/power measurement?

2- is there any MSR exists for realtime per core temperature measurement?

2 -Can I do that on the Optron 6320 Piledriver chip ?



I suppose, all the official information AMD do have to share is available in there:, in the document named "BIOS and Kernel Developer Guide (BKDG) for AMD Family 15h Models 00h-0Fh Processors". If you can't find what you want in it, then probably it doesn't exist.


thanks avk for reply.

In fact I found one MSR for "current processor power in watts: CurrPwrWatts on page 574" for Family 15 Model 00h-0fh in the BKDG guide you suggested.I am mainly interested in latest Opteron products. And I am assuming Family 15 Models 00h-0fh includes Opteron 6200-series (Interlagos; 4, 8, 12, and 16 cores) but I want to buy Opteron 6300-series (Abu Dhabi 4, 8, 12, and 16 cores) which belongs to Family 15  Models 10h-1fh. And I checked BIOS and Kernel Developer Guide (BKDG) for AMD Family 15h Models 10h-1Fh Processors but I could not find the same MSR.

Is there any updated document available ?



Wish I knew . But, AFAIK, all Opteron 6300 series are based on Family 15h Models 20-2Fh cores, a.k.a Piledriver 2.0. The guide you mentioned (10-1Fh) is dedicated to the Piledriver 1.0-based processors, a.k.a Trinity. And since they have no L3 at all, they also can lack some other features, including MSR you need.

I suppose the BKDG for 20-2Fh (#48203, according to #47414) does already exist (because the new FX-43xx/63xx/83xx CPUs are already released), but I can't find it. If you manage to find it, I think you'll get the answer for your question.