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Journeyman III


Hi everyone!

I'm an engineer working for a company which repairs PCs, servers and various other stuff.

We have a validator program which tries to match the devices detected by Windows in a computer to the ones in its list of materials. I'm the one who worked on developing this validator program to keep it accurate and working with new products.

This is not made easier by the fact that we use basically the same Windows PE image for booting all the computers, but it lacks specific drivers for videocards because of compatibility issues. So, Windows does not know the marketing name of the cards in which case, even if I have a laptop with a new GPU, I will have to look up the PCI ID to try to find out its street name.

We have a hard time with AMD graphics as it is very hard to find current information regarding desktop, mobile and processor-integrated AMD graphics. Specifically PCI IDs.

AMD's biggest and greenest competitor puts a device list file inside the archive which contains their drivers. It holds all the complete IDs (vendor, device, subsystem, etc.) along with the marketing names.

Since the AMD device ID developer resource has not been updated more than a year ago (and it lacks proper marketing names) and AMD doesn't assign a new device ID to all its different products, it is very hard to gather precise information.

Where can I find complete and up to date information which is being kept up to date?

If this is not available, to what address can I send an official request from my company e-mail?

Thanks in advance!