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Our game does not perform well on some AMD GPUs - FAQ

If you have a driver compatibility or hardware issue, please head over to or the visit the AMD Support & Games Forums.

The specific thread for catalyst driver support is located at: AMD Support and Game Forums - Desktop Catalyst Drivers and Software.

IF and ONLY IF your issue is that you believe you need an app-specific profile for your game, then you're in the right place. That's right on the line between "it's a driver issue" and "it's a software development issue." You might get help at the locations above, but you definitely will get help on that issue here.

Create a topic, state your need. Provide this information:

* company

* game

* contact information

* nature of the problem

For example, you might specify particular graphics cards, operating system, etc. Information required to replicate is extremely useful.

We will get the information to the proper people here at AMD. I make no promises of results, like everyone else we make priority calls.

If you can't put that information in a public forum, then private message one of the community managers. Or create a topic "Hey, we have this problem, please contact us." And we will.

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