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Journeyman III

Optimize unity 3d games on openCL

I am currently working on unity 3d and got an idea to optimize it on opencl. So, is there any possibilty?? if it or not provide comprehensive detail.

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Adept III

Yes, I've done it for multi-gpu cube-collision detection handling in C#. It worked well, until I tried to add cluster PCs to it. It somehow stops local area connections but using opencl is absolutely easy.


here is a sum of squared differences optimization benchmark(mis-written the equation, it should have been ci = Sum((ai-bj)*(ai-bj)) for all j values which makes it O(N²)  complexity.


depending on the C#.Net version, speedup may be reduced to 50x or 20x (because some are really good optimized)

Adept III

With the driver 17.4.4, I could manage to demonstrate the usage of two low-end GPUs to compute 57k-particle nbody kernel.

Performance aware OpenCL work partitioning in C# (with Unity Engine presentation) - YouTube