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Journeyman III

OpenGL with switchable graphics

Hi, all.

I have a laptop(Lenovo thinkpad e320) with switchable graphics(HD6630M), and wrote some program with DirectX and OpenGL.

Without any modification, DirectX program works fine with HD6630M, but OpenGL program works only with integrated intel GPU.

Do you know how to change my code if I want to use HD6630M in switchable graphics mode?

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Adept II

Does your installation have a control panel for managing the graphics system?  My Thinkpad (W520 with NVIDIA Quadro 2000M/Intel 3000 switchable) has an NVIDIA Control Panel that I have to use to make sure the NVIDIA card is being used when I want it to.  The "automatic" settings don't always switch over.

It also has a control panel for managing the graphics system. but even I choose the high performance setting on my application, my program always uses integrated intel GPU in the switchable mode. When I choose a manual mode, my program uses AMD HD6630M instead of Intel HD3000. So I want to know how to recognize the switchable mode, and use it correctly on OpenGL program.