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Journeyman III

OpenGL quad buffered stereo on a 3DTV

I have a stereoscopic visualization I've written in C++ using opengl that I want to display on a 3dtv. I was told by AMD that most of the higher end fireproV series could do this. I've purchased a firepro V8800, only to find out that it can not send a 3d image to a 3dtv in a format that the tv will recognize. I'm now told by AMD tech support that this is because the V8800 has DPv1.1 outputs, not DPv1.2, and so it doesn't have the needed resolution to do stereoscopic 1080p60 which is what most active 3dtvs require as an input. I also tried autodesk's maya, just to see if it would work (to make sure my program wasn't the problem), and got the same result: that is two images that appear to be overlayed on the screen (although my guess is that they are left and right eye images alternating at 30hz, and therefore appear to be overlayed).

Does anyone know of a success story with any graphics card with any active 3dtv for programs using opengl quad buffered stereo (e.g. maya)? Now, I'm being told by AMD that I need to get a fireproW series. I can't afford to keep sinking $1K+ into solutions that don't work.


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