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Journeyman III

OpenGL problems

antialiasing, anisotrophic filtering

I have 3 problems with openGL / windows drivers. First one conserns vertical retrace. When it is completely disabled in the control panel, there's no way I can detect it's off.

When it's set off unless application desides, it chooses to run at 90 fps. When it's set on unless application desides, it chooses to run at 60 fps. Always on sets it run at 60 fps.

60 fps is correct, as my screen doesn't support more.

this is on AMD 4830 card 10.12 version of drivers.

I have included 3 files to show how it's rendered

1) anisotrophic problem   anisotrophic filtering 16x

2) antialiasing problem antialiasing problem

3) without any antialiasing or anisotrophy set on control panel

                              without antialiasing and aniso

What do I do to get that kind of results?

One letter from that text consists of 64 polygon quads. Every vertical line shows different part of the letter -> one alphabet letter = 64 quad polygons.


Second problem is anisotrophic filtering. It completely screwes the image when it's set more than 0. The more set the more image corrupts. Is there a way to ignore the setting? At this case it should not be on because I'm doing 2d graphics not 3d. The following settings don't help.

The same thing applies to adaptive antialiasing. When it's set on it screwes the graphics.

On nvidia graphics cards there are no problems with those settings.

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Journeyman III

If it works with nividia it should work with ATI.

You must be aware that microsoft and Nivida have both manipulated their software by now to scrutinize AMD and ATI for reasons of competivness, their are thousands of lawsuits that describe these tactics.

ATI works just fine, however the game has to have a setting to use a specific anti aliasing factor 1x, 2x and so on if not you need to configure the cards Software to use the games settings and not to a specific factor such as 1x, 2x etc...

Also this is why OpenGL is the way to go, Directx is a microsoft only club and is futile to get involved with as if you plan on developing you will find yourself building two games instead of one, also their is way more power in OpenGL than directx,  DirectX is a kind of dictated language like Cpp which microsoft also has their special version which should not be allowed because At&t and bell labratories completed the ANSI C99 extension of classes which is the real C++ and so on and so on, the main reason nividia works so well is because nividia is basically a microsoft company and they have proven by fact to me in previous history as these companies were being developed they have been relentless against ATI and then AMD and ATI had to band together, THE PROBLEM IS WAY BIGGER THAN YOU THINK!

And AMD/ATI should be just as relentless in a huge lawsuit against microsoft and NIVIDIA for trying to sabotage their companies progress and punking off ideas from the former ATI.

Here is anouther resolution find the microsoft OpenGL.dll in the C:/WINDOWS/.... directory and delete that bugger and reinstall your ATI software that will install the proper OpenGL.dll and alow the windows OS to focus on the graphic cards way higher version of OpenGL probably version 3.1, you should also find out what version of OpenGL your card is able to use.

Direct X has always been tailored for Nividia!

Hope it helped you some good luck!

ATI Rules and Nividia Druels "literaly".


where can i find the microsoft OpenGL.dll directory and delete that bugger ..


I asked a "simple" question and got answered about lawsuits and OpenGL.dll.  Nvidia works on OpenGL, AMD doesn't.  I also contacted customer care, which asked my source code, forwarded it to the driver team.  So far nothing has happened in a year and now I have Catalyst 12.1.  It's a shame, since even Intel integrated graphics has done this correctly.  I remember John Carmack saying years ago that Nvidia OpenGL is the reference and the exceptions have to be done on ATI (now AMD). 


Hi Lancer,

I'm sorry to hear that you're still having problems. Let me assure you that we take OpenGL development just as seriously as our competitors and they, in turn are simply trying to produce the best products that they can. There is no anitcompetitive behavior going on from any party and as an open standard, OpenGL is, and always has been, designed to allow its implementers to leverage it to expose their hardware as well as possible. We work very closely with all of the OpenGL community to do the very best we can.

I know you said this problem has been going on for over a year, but your driver (Catalyst 12.1) is now around half a year old. Catalyst 12.5 is available for your card. I urge you to try that driver and let us know if the problem persists.