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Journeyman III

OpenGL context creation fails on ATI Radeon HD 3800

video editing software muvee Reveal is crashing

Hi everyone,

I am a developper at muvee Technologies. Our software, muvee Reveal, used to work fine on ATI HD 3800 graphics cards.

However recently we have noticed that our app crashes on launch with  the drivers on XP and WIN7. ( 8.762 dated 03-Aug-10)

But on VISTA, there are no crashes. ( 8.762 dated 04-Aug-10)

The crash happens inside atioglxx.dll


On our side, we debugged the issue and as soon as ChoosePixelFormat is called, the app crashes. This is a rather trivial command to perform and we doubt that the error is on our side.



Please refer to the attachments for the graphics card info.


Would it be possible for you do advise us as to how to fix this issue? Any hints, tips that you guys think might be useful?




If we focus on only one machine, namely an HD 3800 running on vista:

Catalyst 10.8 works fine.

Catalyst 10.9 and 10.10 cause a crash.


We use armadillo software passport to encrypt our binaries. (  If we do not encypt our binaries, there are no crashes reports. As soon as we do, the app crashes



ps: On an unrelated note, this forum does not allow you to create new posts using google chrome browser. I had to switch to firefox.


PIXELFORMATDESCRIPTOR pfd; ZeroMemory( &pfd, sizeof( pfd ) ); pfd.nSize = sizeof( pfd ); pfd.nVersion = 1; pfd.dwFlags = PFD_DRAW_TO_WINDOW | PFD_SUPPORT_OPENGL | PFD_DOUBLEBUFFER; pfd.iPixelType = PFD_TYPE_RGBA; pfd.cColorBits = 24; pfd.cDepthBits = 16; pfd.iLayerType = PFD_MAIN_PLANE; int format = ChoosePixelFormat( hDC, &pfd );

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