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Journeyman III

OpenCL web development sandbox environment

Lately I'm developping several application functions in OpenCL in my company, but I don't have any ATI OpenCL capable card nor APU in my house.

Please, could it be possible to create a simple sandbox web development environment with some raw images, sound, binary files, examples and documentation?

It would be very interesting that the IDE reported comparisons between several Graphics cards, CPUs and APUs. Also the environment should allow upload and download files, and retain the session for several hours or days.

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OpenCL web development sandbox environment

Would this be much use even if it existed?

Wouldn't you be better off just buying another card - a mid-range card is cheap as .  And then you get to use your os, your own dev tools, and are able test your whole application properly.

About all such a sandbox would do is let you try some trivial opencl coding without a graphics card - which one can already do with one of the cpu backends.



OpenCL web development sandbox environment

You can try AMD has a high-end system available here for experimenters. You can try running some applications here to get some insight about the speed-ups you might get. But as notzd said, best is to buy a medium level card.