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Adept II

OpenCL GPU, 5870 and DirectCompute, a lot of questions..


I will ask questions regarding OpenCL, DirectCompute (because the is no specific thread) and 5870 stream architecture.

OpenCL GPU support


can anyone at amd provide avaiabilty of OpenCL GPU support..

the SDK is printing a 30 september ending.. and I suppose that before that perhaps this week..

and a CPU SDK has been achieved conformace on 3 september..

Lastly a cuople of press notes have been relased see below  one being a GPU OpenCL implementation submitted form conformance to Khronos..

Why not release at the sime time, as was done by CPU SDK when released in Siggraph at the same time it was submitted to Khronos?

 5870 stream articheture


It is supposed to have atomic support but what specific OpenCL extensions ie hardware support?

Support for atomics in global, local memory, 32bits, 64bits, extended_atomics in OpenCL?

What are the append/consume buffers? how to achieve Global Data Synchronization ? how to use GDS in OpenCL?

will be SAD OpenCL extensionavaiable in the first GPU beta SDK?

will be exposed in CAL also?


 DirectCompute support


I have a 4xxx but I may buy a 58xx card and I want to question:

When Catalyst 8.651 with directx 11 whql support (DirectCompute support) will be released?

It seems an 24 days old now.. it will support DirectCompute 4.x for

48xx cards? if not when..

Also Catalyst 9.10 official (8.66) will support also DirectCompute 5.0 for 5xxx cards?

8.66 will support DirectCompute 4.x for 48xx cards?

I assume not as I have downloaded 8.66 RC7 from MSI and a DirectCompute sample crashes on a 4850 on Windows 7 RTM and Nvidia Ocean Demo which Annadtech tests on 5870 and works (but Anandtech review seems to use 8.66RC6 drivers)?


Press note 1


AMD Advances Its Commitment to OpenCL™ for GPU with Review by Standards Body
September 21, 2009 12:01 AM ET

AMD AMD announced submission of conformance logs for its OpenCL graphics processing unit (GPU) implementation to the Khronos Working Group and awaits certification. The GPU submission puts AMD one step closer to being the only semiconductor provider to offer both GPU and central processing unit (CPU) development environments for OpenCL. AMD’s ATI Stream technology leverages OpenCL to help developers more easily divide software workloads between the CPU and GPU for more efficient execution.

Other recent ATI Stream milestones:

    * AMD was the first company to deliver a public beta release of an OpenCL software development platform for x86-based CPUs on August 5, 2009. The OpenCL for CPU implementation was certified conformant by Khronos on September 3, 2009.
    * The complete ATI Stream SDK v2.0 for CPU and GPU software development using OpenCL is planned for full release later this year.
    * To further meet the ATI Stream developer community’s needs, AMD has successfully completed the migration of its Brook+ project to SourceForge. SourceForge is a centralized online location for software developers to control and manage open source software, where the developer community can continue to work with and evolve the Brook+ code.

    * AMD’s upcoming next generation ATI Radeon™ family of DirectX™ 11 enabled graphics processors are expected to be the first to support accelerated processing on the GPU through DirectCompute.

Supporting Quotes

“The momentum behind AMD’s OpenCL implementation and ATI Stream technology has been building throughout the year, with an increasing number of software and hardware vendors joining AMD in supporting the open standard,” said Ben Bar-Haim, vice president of AMD software development. “Submitting a GPU conformance candidate to the standards body means we are encouraging software developers to fully utilize the processing capabilities of both our multi-core CPUs and our GPUs to create a more compelling user experience.”

Press note 2


On August 31st 2009, AMD reached a new software development milestone – the world's first Microsoft WHQL certificated graphics driver for DirectX 11 and DirectCompute 11.

AMD's DirectX 11 WHQL certified graphics driver delivers support for all of the key DirectX 11 level features required for new gaming experiences and acceleration of next generation high performance applications:

DirectCompute 11
Shader Model 5.0
Addressable stream output
Geometry Shader Instancing
Pull Model attribute evaluation
New texture formats

Meeting Microsoft's WHQL certification requirements in the ATI Catalyst 8.651 graphics driver for DirectX 11 and Windows 7 clearly demonstrates AMD's focus and determination to deliver an extremely stable and robust experience on AMD's next generation of DirectX 11 ATI Radeon Graphics accelerators


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Journeyman III

OpenCL GPU, 5870 and DirectCompute, a lot of questions..

I'm also wondering why GPU support is not included in the latest OpenCL SDK.

Journeyman III

OpenCL GPU, 5870 and DirectCompute, a lot of questions..

Originally posted by: duanmu I'm also wondering why GPU support is not included in the latest OpenCL SDK.

I wondered too, until I read that

September 21, 2009
AMD Submits OpenCL for GPU to Review by Standards Body

Hopefully it won't take too long for Khronos to approve and then ATi can release to developers.  OpenCL on Mac OSX 10.6 currently supports both CPU and ATI GPUs so it should not be too much longer.