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Adept I

OpenCL Event Callback Usage

Syntax for OpenCL Event Call-back


Hello Everyone,  I have a question regarding the usage of the clSetEventCallback. 

The call as shown below presently segfaults on my system at the 

clSetEventCallback stage before any real execution happens and the event "device_signal" gets launched

I am using a 5870 with Stream SDK 2.3 and Catalyst 11.1

I am not sure of how the syntax should be to set up a callback for when an 

event is completed.


//Setting up a callback

void CL_CALLBACK myCallback( cl_event event,  

            cl_int cmd_exec_status, void *user_data) {


// Generates data and moves it to the GPU


struct ipargs{

cl_mem ip;  int n;



//Inside my main()

cl_event device_signal;

ipargs x

//event, status and user data

cl_int errcode = clSetEventCallback( device_signal, CL_COMPLETE, (void *)&x);

I would appreciate it if anyone with experience in setting event callbacks can show the right syntax


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you don't pass a function pointer into a clSetEventCallback(). it should be like this clSetEventCallback( device_signal, CL_COMPLETE, myCallback, (void *)&x);

Adept I

Sorry about that Nou, While copy pasting the text I dropped some text but I am doing the syntax you said. The previous text wouldnt even compile.


//! Set the callback

cl_int errcode = clSetEventCallback( device_done_signal, CL_COMPLETE,            myCallback,  (void *)&x);

I have added the gdb stack frame too



Program received signal SIGSEGV, Segmentation fault.

0x00007ffff7bd9d45 in clSetEventCallback () from /usr/local/amd/lib/x86_64/

(gdb) bt

#0  0x00007ffff7bd9d45 in clSetEventCallback () from /usr/local/amd/lib/x86_64/

#1  0x0000000000407550 in runTest (argc=1, argv=0x7fffffffe0c8)

I saw on an Nvidia forum that it could happen if you link against a 1.0 version of OpenCL, However the AMD libOpenCL  is 1.1 isnt it ? I have kept any empty function as the callback but it still segfaults



it segfault in clSetEventCallback? not when it actualy call that callback function? just try pass NULL as user data.


Hello Nou, Thanks for the response

The segfault was within the clSetEventCallBack, but its my mistake that I was using GCC and it went away when I switched to G++.  I dont know why and it never complained while linking or anything of that sort.

However in proceeding with events I have noticed a new problem. If I want to add a callback to a event that is populated by the runtime eg: a enqueuNDRange

The code would "intuitively" need to be something like



cl_event e;

clSetEventCallback(e, CL_COMPLETE, mycallback, (void *)&x) ;

enqueuNDRange(____, &e);



In the above code, the setEventCallback dies  with CL_INVALID_EVENT which could make sense since cl_event after all is just a pointer till the runtime populates it.

So if the kernel was called within a loop, would it be correct to think that the setEventCallBack in this case would  need to be added within the loop so that everytime after  a enqueuNDRange, the callback is set as below 

cl_event e;


for (){

   enqueuNDRange(____, &e);

   clSetEventCallback(e, CL_COMPLETE, mycallback, (void *)&x) ;



Is there a better way ?





no you can set callback on event after it is created with enqueue command.