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OpenCL™ 2.0 Demystified – Device-side Enqueue

Our blogs on SVM and Pipes showed you how OpenCL 2.0 can make your applications simpler.  But OpenCL 2.0 isn’t only about programmability. It’s also about performance.

Our new blog post explains how device-side enqueue and the new OpenCL 2.0 workgroup built-in functions can give wings to your applications. As usual, we have insights, code snippets, and complete samples that you can download.

All these links are available directly in the blog.  Make sure you have supported hardware (there’s a complete list on the driver download page).

Explore the examples.  Get enqueued kernels to do your work for you.  Share your observations with the community here.  With an understanding of device-side enqueue and the new workgroup built-ins, you will certainly see the performance potential of OpenCL 2.0.