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Adept II

OpenCL 2.0 and AMDGPU-Pro

As per the release notes, AMDGPU-Pro only appears to support OpenCL 1.2. Wondering when/if AMDGPU-Pro driver will support OpenCL 2.0 on capable hardware such as Carrizo, Bristol Ridge and Polaris?

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Big Boss

Hi Rahul,

Sorry for this delayed reply.

As I've come to know, the team is considering to include few key features from OpenCL 2.0 on Linux. Can't say about the full OpenCL 2.0 support right now.



I hope they do get OpenCL 2.0 support onto their schedule soon as it's kinda sad that it leaves OpenCL 2.0 pretty much dead on Linux without support.

Adept I

Is there is a roadmap when OpenCL 2.0 support would be available for Linux or if drivers support some key features, is there somewhere a feature matrix available?