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Journeyman III

Offer 64-bit articles


Could you please tell me who is responsible for developing the section "AMD developer central" ( and how I can communicate with this person?  

My name is Andrey Karpov. I am one of the organizers of the startup - We are developing the tool PVS-Studio intended for testing 64-bit and parallel OpenMP applications. Perhaps you will get interested in the topic of 64-bits.

Our site contains quite a lot of materials on the topic of 64-bit C++ software development. You may see our articles, blog and other materials here - .

We suppose that our materials may be quite relevant to the section . If AMD company is interested in it we propose that you publish some of our articles on your site. Also, the readers of your site might be interested in learning about PVS-Studio tool. If you are interested in a unique context we may discuss writing a separate large article.

Sincerely yours, Andrey Karpov,  
Cand. Sc. (Physics and Mathematics), CTO
Program Verification Systems Co., Ltd.
Ph.: +7 (4872) 38-59-95 (GMT + 03:00)

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Journeyman III

Thanks for offer this 64 bit article.

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