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Adept II

Not fully updated optimization guide for OpenCL 2.0

Along with the OpenCL SDK 3.0, a new release of the APP OpenCL Optimization Guide was released (December 2014). However, it is not fully updated. For instance, only the Southern Islands device parameters are available (section 2.10, table 2.5). It wouldn't be hard for the document writers to provide the respective tables for all newer devices, would it? Just to mention Sea Island devices (e.g. R7-260X) or Volcanic Islands (R9-290X).

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Hi Elias,

Thanks for your feedback.

The tables for the Sea Islands and Volcanic Islands devices are not readily available.  In fact, the Southern Islands device parameters table was taken off the earlier version of the optimization guide posted online.  But after reviewing some of the comments from this forum (see, we do listen), we decided to include it.

We'll try to include the device parameters tables for the newer architectures.  But I am wondering -- is the user/optimization guide the right place to include it?

I am thinking we should post it separately on the APP SDK page.  What do you think?



Thanks for your response.

IMHO, since there are specific chapters for various architectures (GCN, Evergreen, etc.) it is a valid choice to place these tables there.

I think it was a good decision to separate the optimization manual from the reference guide.