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Journeyman III

No D3D11 for Radeon 6850 ?


I've asked this question over at, but I feel its possibly more appropriate here :-

I had a problem with IDXGIAdapter.CheckInterfaceSupport returning that an  AMD Sapphire 6850 Toxic with the latest stable drivers, i.e 12.6. didn't support the Dx11 interface, but was ok with 10.1. However Dx11 was available through using D3D11CreateDevice, so after a quick work-around, I change my code to support that command.

After I had my code working correctly and reporting as expected I then scouted the internet, only to find references to this issue with Dx10 devices which were back in 2009/2010 with various Radeon gpus.

There's no internal motherboard gpu or cpu/gpu combination that may create an extra entry for an adapter, and iterating through IDXGIFactory.EnumApapters returns just the one adapter too.

Does anyone know if this bug has supposed to have been fixed just yet? Or if its still a known driver issue? Or possibly a bug with D3D11?

Many thanks in advance.


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