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Journeyman III

new Update

ok i have a 5770 with the new update(12.3)  that came out today i did what it asked me to do so, i install the update now i have now sound going to my TV only throught my head set. i go to hardware and sound on my windows and now it dose not show my tv witch was hook up through a HDMI cable it only see it as a  monitor i try to down grade the patch to (12.2) and try to get it back and still had no sound throught the TV. Now i had to uninstall the catalyst control center from the computer, and reinstalled it and still have no sound through the tv only throght the headset. i have all the setting to where thay where befor the update and still have no sound. P.S. I use the HDMI as my the Video card as main sorce of sound to my tv i have no sound card other then the 1 on the mother board

i need some help any 1 can help me ??

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Hi Steve,

I'm not familiar with the problem that you are describing. Sorry! Here are a few resources that I hope are helpful:

Please let me know if the 2 resources above didn't help you resolve the issue, and I'll do some more digging for you.

Journeyman III

I'm having the same exact issue. It tells me that the tv sound (AMD HDMI output) is unplugged. Tried everything you did, even a recovery, and nothing worked. Running a 6770 though.

EDIT: Fixed now. Kind of feel like an a55hat. Unplugged everything and replugged it, also used a different HDMI port on the tv.

EDIT #2: This was a temporary fix. It has to be redone every 12 hours or so because it bugs out again with the same issue.

Journeyman III

I'm having the same issue. I only just got around to installing the update today and it killed my sound. I run a 6770 through the TV over HDMI, picture still works but sound is dead. I can see 'AMD HDMI Output' under my audio devices but windows 7 thinks it isn't plugged in.

When I got this computer I didn't have any sound and had to instal a generic Realtek driver to get it working, is this just a flaw with the AMD drivers when combined with something else that happens to be on my system?


That sound very frustrating.

Try contact AMD support either by email ( or by phone ( This appears to be an issue that AMD support can help you with.