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Re: Need Help

<<<< cl.hpp:867:40: error: there are no arguments to ‘alloca’ that depend on a template parameter, so a declaration of ‘alloca’ must be available.

<<<< Method 'what' could not be resolved    main.cpp    /testcyg    line 81    Semantic Error

Well, the story is that cygwin is used for testing APP SDK Samples on windows, and therefore makefiles select cl.exe instead of g++. How are you getting your error:

Visual Studio as recommended in Installation notes should just work fine.

Adept I

Re: Need Help


I just read errors from console output, I did not really dig, now I have decided to use the C API, I seek for the CPP API to see what opencl look like (because I was beginner and I want something easy to learn), and making some performance test between CPU and GPU, but when I look closely I found that C version is more détailed so I choose to use it, for probleme of CPP version, I have switched to Ubuntu and all work fine.

thank's for sharing.