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Adept II

More OGL extensions support ideas from forums


I'm posting since ogl 4.2 release here on possible improvements for OGL in general and lacking AMD extensions vs NV as suggestions to AMD to expose:

following my CSAA/EQAA OGL extension idea now i want to post about more things lacking in OGL:

*EXT_framebuffer_Discard now that even DX11.1 seems to have..

*"Another thing that I still really miss from OpenGL: having the possibility to use the default framebuffer attachments as textures (btw that's possible in

D3D)" from aqnuep

That allows using OpenCL to render to default framebuffer 0 directly something computeshader boys can already do..

also without that support something as simple as postprocess default framebuffer now involves copies..

*Seems OCL group is working on portable binaries between vendors similar to DirectCompute blobs are cross vendor compatible.. also seems apple lion supports

also for that for GPU at least.. Hope some next OGL version supports that say ARB_get_program_binary2

Next is OGL vs DX11.1 lacking things:

*More device info for example GPU dispatch and context switching granularity..

*Shader tracing or something related for GPU true GLSL debugging..