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Journeyman III

Monitor CPU Time (Threads, Driver, API) on retail exe ?


I'm trying to find the diagnostic tool that shows CPU threads like in this picture.


The window is already cut out so there's no any clue as to what utility that is.

Also, i've tried like 15 other free utilities, programs, from sysinternals to what's inside win7 already, nothing displays and provides the kind of info I'm looking for, all useless.

Until I found that GPUPerfStudio's API Trace tool that looks very similar, but no idea if it's the same or equivalent thing - but while I was able to load up Company of Heroes 2, I wasn't able to use any tools as the buttons were greyed out, seems like it doesn't work on retail exe, I'll try to enable debug mode if it's possible in the games I currently have installed.

Also this program cannot be used on applications which use Launchers, like Starcraft 2, SC2.exe won't start without a command line, i'll try with a shortcut now.

(I know this is not intented for retail, but I am just trying to benchmark for my own personal purposes)

Can somone point me to the correct tool if the API Trace is not what I should be looking for ?


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