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Journeyman III

maya crash and photoshop problem

Couldn't find anything about photoshop or maya(3d programs in general) so I figure I try here.


Hardware Spec:

8 GB DDR Ram

Radeon HD 4800 series - 2

Vista 64 bit(up to date)


Photoshop CS4(both regular and 64-bit) was able to work after I updated adobe but adobe had to disabled gpu enhancement for it to work. so far I didnt find anything wrong with it yet and wonder if theres anything I could do to make Photoshop and the gpu enchanements to work together? Btw, what are the gpu enchancements? I only turn on crossfire.


Maya crashes on start up. From what I observed, it happen everytime when Maya is trying to initialize timeslider. Other people using vista 64 bit was able to get maya running. Took me a very long time to figure out how to get it working. I had to:


1. Uninstall Catalyst

2. Restart computer

3. Open Maya(crashes)

4. Install Catalyst(express)

5. Open Maya(crashes)

6. Uninstall Catalyst

7. Open Maya again.

8. Repeat everytime Maya crashes on start up(pretty much every restart)


** drivers are still intact  **


Doing those steps got it to work but theres several glitches like when I use some of the tools to rotate, it just show color blocks on the model rather than a ring loop around the selected object. Arrows, when using the move tool, doesn't show up and there're some others but those are the main one that is bugging me the most for Maya. It also crashes everytime I close.

I've tried both Maya 2009 32bit and 64bit and Maya 2008. These problems also affect 3Ds Max and Blender and I'm going to take a wild guess that other 3D programs will suffer the same problem. For me anyway.


so what I'm getting at that other vista 64bit people could get it maya to work and I can only get it to work after I did the steps above then I assume theres something wrong with the catalyst or drivers that is preventing me from using those programs correctly. Any help is greatly appreciated!

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