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Adept I

Maximum surface size lower for DirectDraw than Direct3D?

I posted this question a while ago in the newcomers forum, which I guess no-one reads...


I'm using an AMD FirePro W5100 on Windows 10 x64 1703. Driver version 21.19.384.0. The maximum hardware surface size as returned by IDirect3D9_GetDeviceCaps() is 16384×16384 pixels (MaxTextureWidth & MaxTextureHeight). However, the maximum DirectDraw surface size appears to be only 4096×4096 pixels; IDirectDraw7_CreateSurface() fails if either dimension is larger than 4096.

So I have a couple of questions:

  • Is there any way to query the maximum supported DirectDraw surface size?
  • Is the maximum DirectDraw surface size being one quarter the maximum D3D hardware surface size a driver bug or deficiency?