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Journeyman III

Mantle SDK

Now that the mantle API is finally supported by the latest drivers, where can I download the SDK? I can find no reference to any developer documentation, API reference, or headers and libraries to download whatsoever. Literally nothing aside from press releases.

Where is the actual code AMD?

Is this just vaporware?

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Supercilious Dude - Info about Mantle has been added to the developer home page.

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Exemplar this or next year. IMHO they don't want make it public before catching most of the issue with API because after it is public they can't make any changes in API.

It seems to me that they could release what they have and simply label it

as such, warning developers that it is unstable and subject to changes.

How else can they expect to have people ready with mantle optimised code

when it does go stable?

This is exactly what nvidia did when they released cuda and it was a huge

boon to developers and to nvidia themselves as they got a lot of feedback

and useful api design notes as well as extensive debugging of their cuda

runtime and drivers.

Hi there,

Our team is developing a rendering engine for academic projects and would totally like to experiment with mantle and it's claimed performance improvements.

Sadly we have been waiting for months now and nothing but marketing information has been made public.

I would be totally okay with having just a c header containing enums and function signatures. I don't expect any support from AMD if thats the concern here...

Sorry krauthaufen, but know that engine could render the type or if you could find here because we are expecting some support for OpenCL cycles and 2 years. If it's a 3d rendering engine.


Disculpa krauthaufen, pero podria saber que motor de render o el tipo si se pudiera saber  porque aca estamos esperando algo de apoyo para opencl cycles hace ya 2 años. Si es un motor de renderizado 3d.


Supercilious Dude - Info about Mantle has been added to the developer home page.