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Journeyman III

Looking for answers on multi-screen custom applications built in Unity3d


I'm a producer/TD for a small interactive shop in the bay area. We create exhibits/experiences for trade shows, events, internal simulations, etc. Our team works with Unity.

We are currently working on a driving simulator for a major car manufacturer. We are currently using K6000's (we are very unhappy with them) with a qsync card to enable stereo 3D. Our application has the following requirements:

Application opens in mosaic (would be eyefinity with AMD)

5760x1080 Output to Three projectors - with edge blending managed by the GPU. Actual blended image is 4992x1080

Application runs in both active or passive Stereoscopic 3D

An additional clustered application is run from one of the additional ports on the GPU.

Will the AMD R9295x2 work for the above?

Additionally - we have questions about crossfire and what types of performance increases we would see if we added additional cards. Looking to connect with people who have experience working with Unity & crossfire?

We're also going to be upgrading the system to support 4k projectors and 4k monitors in the next 12 months as well.

thanks in advance.


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