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Adept I

Linux - triple _identical_ monitor setup on Kabini ?

Hi to all,

for some time I am now using the benefits of "radeon" driver that is smart enough to cuircumvent the "only two crtcs" limitation of my trusty HD6850 card and I'm working with 3 identical monitors without a problem even though card has no declared "Eyefinity".

As I was told, bottleneck is in the number of PLL's that generate timings for framing ( pixel clock etc) - ordinary cards have only two that can be allocated. Radeon drivers have circumvented this in special case, when multiple monitors work with identical timings and one PLL can be allocated to multiple outputs.

I tried to use this trick on Athlon 5350 on Asus AM1I-A ( HDMI,DVI,VGA outputs), but the system keeps reporting no crtcs available to allocate for HDMI output.

Is there some fundamental change in Kabini's solution or did I simply misconfigured something ?

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