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Journeyman III

Limiting resolution output on R9 290 cards

I'm required to do a basic build and set up of a number of PC's all with R9 290 cards. On my work bench we have a KVM Switch Box which I would normally use to switch the video/keyboard/mouse between the various PCs. As the KVM box only has 15 pin VGA connectors I tried using a DVI-D - VGA dongle on the AMD card, but this doesn't work at all.  This is a real pain as it means I have to go grovelling around swapping cables all the time!

The KVM has a resolution limitation of 1920 x 1440 so I'm thinking that I need to limit the graphic card's output to that resolution whilst doing the basic build and testing of these PC's

I have little experience of video/graphics issues so would be pleased to hear whether my thinking is along the correct lines and how (if correct) I can limit the cards' output?

Thanks in anticipation!

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