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Just released: ATI Stream SDK v2.01 with OpenCLtm Support

What’s New in v2.01

  • Update release for ATI Stream SDK v2.0.
  • Support for Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 5.3.
  • Support for debugging OpenCL™ with GDB on x86 CPUs under Linux® (see application note for more details).
  • Preview: Support for OpenCL™ / Microsoft® DirectX® 9 interoperability. Please see this knowledge base article for more information about this preview feature.
  • Additional OpenCL™ samples:
    • BoxFilter
    • FFT
    • GaussianNoise (under cpp_cl)
    • URNG
  • Stream KernelAnalyzer with OpenCL™ support (available for download separately from Stream KernelAnalyzer Product Page).
  • Various OpenCL™ compiler and runtime fixes and enhancements (see developer release notes for more details).
  • Support for ATI Radeon™ HD 5670 GPU and ATI Radeon™ HD 5570 GPU.

Features from v2.0

  • Support for OpenCL™ ICD (Installable Client Driver). Please see this knowledge base article for important information concerning changes that must be made to code developed with previous beta releases of the ATI Stream SDK v2.0.
  • Support for atomic functions for 32-bit integers.
  • Microsoft® Visual Studio® 2008-integrated ATI Stream Profiler performance analysis tool.
  • Preview: Support for OpenCL™ / OpenGL® interoperability. Please see this knowledge base article for more information about this preview feature.
  • Preview: Support for OpenCL™ / Microsoft® DirectX® 10 interoperability. Please see this knowledge base article for more information about this preview feature.
  • Preview: Support for double-precision floating point basic arithmetic in OpenCL™ C kernels. Please see this knowledge base article for more information about this preview feature.
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Journeyman III

The SDK 2.01 release makes me confusing, very confusing.

- It does not list the OpenCL driver for the cards as in 2.0 release

- I don't know if it still support elder card from 4800 series and down because all of that cards (i.e. 4800, 4700, 4600...) are marked as "Beta Support". Essentially my laptop card Mobility 4650 runs well with 2.0 bu now is not supported by the 2.01 kid. When I install it told me that my current driver is not supported.

-The 2.01 SDK require user to change all the code that they wrote in 2.0. I couldn't know why ATI does this? Assume I have very big project already run with 2.0 and now I have to change to meet 2.01? Do you have even know about "back compatible"?

Overall this release make me very very confusing. Can someone give me an explanation?

Many thanks,



All software that worked with SDK 2.0 release should also work with 2.01 release. Can you provide an example of something that was broken by the 2.01 release? The only change was between beta4 and 2.0 where the ICD model was introduced.

Hi MicahVillmow,

Thanks for your quick reply. I have not even successfully install the SDK on my laptop with Mobility 4650 card but I read the following document about re changing the code to work with the ICD.

By the way, I am still confusing about the driver and the supported cards of the 2.01 release. Is that all of the card from 4800 and down are only supported by the beta release 2.0? If so ATI should clearly states out for user to prepare money to buy new cards .

Thank you,




As stated in the ATIStream SDK page, you have to contact your laptop manufacturer for latest drivers. Some users have been successful in using third party tools like mobility modder etc to make the Catalyst drivers work(no official support though).

You will be able to run StreamSDK 2.01 on 4xxx cards too, but you wont be having full functionalities as the support for these cards are at beta stage now.

For best OpenCL experience, we recommend ATI Radeon(TM) HD 5000 series cards (and the FirePro and FireStream equivalents) or above.



Thanks Omkaranathan. So as I have known so far, I need a newer driver for my card to run the 2.01 SDK?  Previously my card Mobility 4650 works well with the ati-opencl-beta-driver-v2.0-beta4-vista-win7 and ATI Stram SDK Ver 2.0. When I install the SDK 2.01 it report an error that my driver/my card is not supported anymore. Therefore I still have  a question that why ATI does not keep SDK 2.01 back compatible with the ati-opencl-beta-driver-v2.0-beta4-vista-win7 when they have not had a newer driver for 4xxx families?



Which driver are you using?

Stream SDK2.01 needs ATI Catalyst 10.2 drivers.


Dear Omkaranathan,

I am using driver 8.671.0.0. This driver was the common beta openCL driver for all ATI cards. But now the 10.2 driver does not support my mobility 4650 anymore. That is my big concern! Why ATI does not keep supporting the list of card as in beta version?



Journeyman III

Hi. I'm doing something very strange (yet financially and technically very viable) involving upgrade of old Athlon XP 2600+ boxes to run with *new* AGP 4650 GPUs under a modern Linux (currently Ubuntu 9.10). The cards generally work quite well in these old systems using OpenGL, but this OpenCL SDK gives a:

Program received signal SIGILL, Illegal instruction.

for every sample program...  and similarly now for CAL (which actually sort-of worked with an older driver under it).

I assume this is because it is hitting an SSE3 instruction?

I understand why you'd want to use SSE3 for efficiency in some ops, and for running OpenCL on the host processor, but these AGP cards can really breathe life into literally tons of old hardware if we can use these modern GPUs under CAL/OpenCL. We have no intention of using the Athlon XP hosts as anything more than boot/network interfaces for the 4650 GPUs, and they obviously are acceptable for that under OpenGL.

Is there, or could you please make, a distribution of the CAL/OpenCL support that doesn't need SSE3 (i.e., will run on Athlon XP or older)?  Is the SSE3 actually in the driver now on a path that OpenGL stuff doesn't happen to use?



OpenCL is supported in mobility cards, I am able to run OpenCL in my 4570 card (Ubuntu 9.10, Catalyst 10.2 drivers) without any issues. Some users have been able to use 10.2 drivers in Windows too(With the help of thrid party tools though).



Thanks very much for the suggestion Omkaranathan. I got a modded driver and got the 2.01 run on Windows 7 64 bit.

For the one who got the same problem like mine can check the 10.2 modded driver from