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Journeyman III

Is there a way to "insert" a value into a vector with an index?

I'm looking for a way to populate a vector with values so I can do one big vector store, instead of several little stores. I'm trying to avoid doing byte stores, which are not always supported (right?).

for (int32_t v = 0; v < 8; ++v)
  uchar8 r = 0;

  for (int32_t u = 0; u < 8; ++u)
    float8 t = (float8)(0.0f);

    for (int32_t y = 0; y < 8; ++y)
      t += foo(v, u, y);
    t.s0123 += t.s4567;
    t.s01 += t.s23;
    t.s0 += t.s1;

    uchar i = convert_uchar(clamp(rint(t.s0), 0.0f, 255.0f));
    // ***this is the part I'm asking about***
    // Here I want to "insert" t.s0 into r in vector member u
  // Store whole vector
  p = r;

Is there a way to do it that is better than using a long and doing this:

r |= convert_long(clamp(rint(t.s0), 0.0f, 255.0f)) << (u * 8);
r |= convert_long(clamp(rint(t.s0), 0.0f, 255.0f)) << (56-(u * 8));



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The AMD media ops let you do some stuff like this, but of course they are not portable  See the programming guide, Appendix A, section A.8.4  e.g. amd_pack(), or amd_bytealign() perhaps.

Otherwise ... well i'd just stick to using longs or ints - doing things in sets of 4 seems fairly optimal alu wise on current hardware.

Unless memory is an issue, I tend to just use floats for storage if multiple passes are involved and only convert to byte at the end for display/output, or use images and let the compiler/hardware do the packing to suit the data.