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Is there a way to enable and set DirectGMA programatically in Windows ?


     Is there a way to programtically enable DirectGMA and set the aperture size ?  At this point in time, I have to manually do it using AMD control Panel, but I would like to ideally do it programmatically. AMD has some libraries which we use to set wall position and stuff, but I don't see any calls for what I need.  I "think" there's some calls in Linux to do it, but I can't find of any "similar" calls in Windows to do it.

      If there's no AMD api to do it, are there known locations in the registry which I can write to so that when doing installation, I can have Installshield do a script to write this so things just works after installation ? (vs the user has to go though many extra steps through the AMD utility to enable and size the DirectGMA stuff).

- Pat

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