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Journeyman III

Is AMD planning on making Mac OS X drivers for the HD 7xxx series?

Hello, I was wondering if AMD has any plans to release Mac OS X drivers for the Radeon HD 7xxx series processors, as this affects my future buying decisions (planning specifically on a 7770).

Thank you!

-Michael Fisher

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I imagine many MAC owners just do not install new GPUs that often so unless if Apple starts selling these cards in their machines, it seems unlikely... (in my opinion).

However, if you run windows, it appears you can use it nicely. (there is an article about it...):

If I were you, I would sell that MAC and get a PC (perhaps a bulldozer based one?). It would also be much cheaper and probably faster for the same price. It is often a rocky road when you try to modify what Apple gives you....

Although, I found out a link where they say there were drivers in a beta of OS X...but who knows what is the level of support...

Eh, I can't quite switch to a PC. I'm actually building a hackintosh, where I can dual-boot to Windows. Odds are I'm either going to go for a 6870 or a GTX 560Ti. Thanks for the advice though!


Hi Michael,

I contacted the Apple PM here at AMD with your question.

The response that I got was that "we can't specifically comment at this time. And that AMD is always considering future product possibilities."

Sorry for the vague reply, but it's the best reply I can get you at this time.