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Installing only fglrx-core deb result in segfault when trying running OpenCL in headless mode

I saw that new omega driver produce new package fglrx-core. This is AMD way to split driver for OpenCL so there is no need to run Xserver anymore. Which is almost there but there are some hiccups. Before you can run OpenCL application as normal user root must initialize /dev/ati/card0. After that normal user can run OpenCL application.

Second bug is that runtime is trying open /etc/ati/amdpcsdb.default which is not present in fglrx-core deb package. If it doesn't find it segfault. After extracting the file from fglrx deb package it run happily. Last there is little nuisance when you start OpenCL application this way you it print no root mode contact your admin two times.

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