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Install AMDAPPSDK 2.9 on Ubuntu Server 13.10 (64-bit)


Could someone provide some input as to what packages are required by the SDK samples, preferably all of them, to compile? I would like to say that moving the build system to CMake is an excellent choice, but I'm sort of puzzled as to what the requirements are. Naive users (like myself) when first unpacked the SDK on linux saw that the firs CMakeLists.txt file is under samples. Casual developers get the feeling they should create a $(AMDAPPSDKROOT)/samples/build sort of directory, and issue "cmake ../" inside. However tonns of error messages arrive. First of all, OpenCV is missing (Specify OPENCV_DIR). Ok, "sudo apt-get install libopencv-ocl-dev" (or something very similar) and hope that everything works. Strangely, opencv installs nvidia-updates-319-... package, which creates an alternative to libGL and installs a driver module. Is this healthy? Would the SDK really depend on a package that installs a vendor-specific libGL implementation? Anyhow, install is done, but cmake configuration still fails. I got no idea what it could be missing, even when specifying OPENCV_DIR as /usr, it still cannot find it. Ok, let's just skip opencv. "-DBUILD_OPENCV:BOOL=OFF" Then come the HEAPS AND HEAPS of Bolt and AMP related error messages. Oh my... I just wanted to test wether Catalyst 13.11 Beta has proper X-less support on a server installation... I've lost my patience. "-DBUILD_OPENCV:BOOL=OFF -DBUILD_AMP:BOOL=OFF -DBUILD_BOLT:BOOL=OFF" Finally, configuration is done. Build starts. Build fails on MultiGPU sample:

undefined reference to symbol 'pthread_create @ GLIBC_2.2'

libpthread-stubs0-dev is installed. The SDK is said to "support Ubuntu 13" (whatever that means), but so far it doesn't seem so straight forward. Could someone tell me what packages are needed to build the SDK and ALL the samples?

As for Catalyst: gcc, make

The SDK: cmake, ...?

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Re: Install AMDAPPSDK 2.9 on Ubuntu Server 13.10 (64-bit)

Solution is:

vim opencl/cl/BinomialOptionMultiGPU/CMakeLists.txt

ADDITIONAL_LIBS "rt" "pthread"

vim opencl/cl/BoxFilterGL/CMakeLists.txt


vim opencl/cl/GaussianNoiseGL/CMakeLists.txt


vim opencl/cl/KmeansAutoclustering/CMakeLists.txt


vim opencl/cl/MonteCarloAsianMultiGPU/CMakeLists.txt

ADDITIONAL_LIBS "rt" "pthread"

vim opencl/cl/NBody/CMakeLists.txt


vim opencl/cl/SimpleGL/CMakeLists.txt


vim opencl/cl/SimpleMultiDevice/CMakeLists.txt

ADDITIONAL_LIBS "rt" "pthread

vim opencl/cpp_cl/URNGNoiseGL/CMakeLists.txt


If someone knows how to build Bolt under linux, let me know.