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Adept I

Image formats broken under AMDCompress

Hi AMD developers!

I was able to create some special image formats that appear to be broken under AMDCompress but they are following the standards. In this image you see a DXT4 compressed DDS but its really scary looking if you select different mipmaps.


Then I was testing the palette encoded images I also provide, and if I want to generate mipmaps for them, the tool freezes! I think its worth looking into

On the other hand, I would be very thankful if once again /MTd and /MDd builds of AMDCompress were included again, of course with stripped debugging symbols but linked against the Debug CRT. This would help out developers a lot!

EDIT: I realized the DDS palette images were broken. Sorry for that, they are fixed now!

EDIT2: welp, AMDCompress just turned open-source under Compressonator. Nevermind the request about specific static libraries then! Just gonna compile them myself the way I want them. Thank you AMD for being awesome!

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