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Journeyman III

Ideas For AMD to Succeed...

Hi Devs!

Mike H. here with some ideas for AMD, so they can get back  into the game with their graphics cards and succeed and win in the market between AMD and Nvidia. I'll post a few short ideas by putting them here numerically. But just know that I am a huge fan and I wish that AMD could ultimately surpass Nvidia in the grapchics card market. Any replies by AMD are more than welcome and I thank anyone and everyone for reading my posts here on the forums.. Okay. First I'll start off with what I, as the Enthusiast level of consumer would like to see in the next iteration of AMD graphics cards. I will always be the person who buys the top level tier product, so knowing that about me, here it goes:

1. Make a proprietary physics engine/processor for AMD graphics. This is in my opinion due time for AMD to accomplish in some way or form.

2. Don't hold out on the specs. Nvidia won't, so AMD certainly should not. Plus I (as the consumer) will guaranteed pay for the top level card.

3. Make the double precision and parallel computing for the DX12 API.

4. Start making more proprietary features aand make more of them exclusive in addition to all of the open source projects. I',m meaning hardware.

5. Innovations in the card's BIOS. Maybe a easy flash BIOS. Or more space on BIOS. (Double BIOS?)

6. Compatibility for RDMA (Remote Direct Memory Access). A necessity! Especially working with your HBM2. Bamm!

7. Maybe another option for your Freesync, like maybe putting another option for settings of the refresh rate and/or a cache for it.

8. Running most games at around 144 to 240fps at 1440p. This is what I'm aiming for in the next round, so just a heads up from me.

9. Working with Intel for mobility. Crucial!1 Can anyone envision, AMD Alignment tech in the next Windows phone? 165hz?

Other than these I'd like to say thank you and great job on the Vega, especially with the solid capacitors on the card. It was a winning design. I haven't picked one up yet, but I will here eventually for sure.

10. Special compatibility for AMD graphics cards with Intel Optane drives.

11. Last one and one criticism.. First as a huge gamer, I just wanna say that I'm less worried about say sound on the card as I am about the graphics. I could do without the sound features. Also maybe a more optimised roadmap to thwart Nvidia next time around would be nice. Like a surprise out of left field launch. And last, maybe a machine learning aspect to the card, or to find some way to refresh the card after playing multiple games for  performance boost while running and without a reboot of the system.

Any comments or feedback would really be appreciated, and like I said I am 100% on the Red Team as far as the graphics side of the PC goes. OOh yes. And I would really love if you guys could work with Microsoft to improve their OS to work with AMD cards to optimise OS performance. This would in my opinion sway alot of people potentially who never purchased an AMD card to go out and get their first one. I know of your reputation, but I think there is a definite need to introduce your tech to the customer that has never before had the chance to enjoy your products, a special welcome in from the red side. Good luck AMD. We need you in there!


                                                                                                                                   Sincerely Best Regards,

                                                                                                                                              Mike H.

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