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I'm just a happy developer/user

To AMD and those curious,

I'm a little tired of the constant whining, winging, and obvious RTFM or 'learn how to code first' questions on forums like this.

So I just want to take this opportunity to say that  although it certainly isn't trivial to use, I'm personally quite pleased  with OpenCL as it is right now, and in particular AMD's implementation which is currently second to none.  Even on the unsupported GNU/Linux distribution I use as my primary development environment.   And whilst there are a few things that would make my life easier - overall it just works - as advertised - and allows me to deliver a quality, stable, and high performance product which keeps my customer pleased as punch and provides plenty of 'hackertainment' on the side when the mood suits.

And no, no 'but!', either.

I'm also quite excited personally and professionally about AMD and her partner's ambitious and on-going plans for HSA and hope sincerely they are able to pull it off.

So keep up the good work.


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That's a really positive feedback. Go go AMD Team, design us bada$$ hardware!