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Journeyman III

I had an idea how to use 2D to represent 3D, would this be usefull on developing?

Hi guys, I'm a Brazillian Civil Engineer and I'm 24 years old. I had and idea and I dont know who to tell this.

I dont know about developing and would like to receive some feedback about this idea.

So I thought to tell you guys and see if you understand me and if it's appliable on developing industry.

I've been thinking about how 3D spaces are shown on video boards and with my little knowledge about 3D graphics I thought how it could be improved. If it works it could make a revolution on how graphics are processed by the GPUs.

My idea is just use 2 information/numbers/coordinates to represent each 3D dot on space. So the package of information became 2/3 of the total.

I've been researched by this system on the internet and asked to my Teachers at the colllege and and I havent found any information about this.

This should be completely developed once I dont have the geometry knowledge to complete my idea, but I know it works!( If I tell you the principle you'll see it apparently works)​.

I repeat if it really works I could change the history of 3D coordinate system.

Its a system that can be programmed or converted into 2 informations with a little bit of mathematic and geometry. After converted get 2/3 of the package of data on a default 3D model. Or the GPU can be programmed to calculate with those 2 numbers, that would be 3/2 (50%) faster processed, transfered or recorded on a disk.

It also could be applied in many sector of industry else(3D modelation).

I believe nobody knows this trick at the moment.

If there's a system with these idea or similar I would be really thankfull to receive an answer from you telling me this is already used and you spent 5 minutes reading my text.

I'll send this text in more than one forum once I dont ​know the value of this.

​If you're interested in, tell me. Than we can ​talk about this.

​Thank you​,

(EDIT: Personal contact information removed. Message the poster to get contact info if you wish. Jim)

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