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Journeyman III

I can not set Video Source as Digital TV( ATSC Antenna )

Hello, I am coding an application with C# to Play TV with TV Tuner(ATI TV Wonder 600 USB 2.0). I meet an issue, I can not set Tuner Mode as Digital TV (ATSC Antenna). I uses DirectShow library, I can set Tuner Mode as Analog TV Tuner, But I can not set Tuner Mode as Digital Antena. Could you please tell me why I can not set Tuner mode as Digital TV (ATSC Tuner)? How Can I code the program to play the HDTV in PC with yout TV Tuner? Playing TV is one requirement for our application, Could you give me more information for developer to code with ATI TV Tuner? I code with C# based on .Net framework 2.0.


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