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Adept I

Hypervisor support in Passthrought mode for HPC with FirePro S10000

What kind of hypervisor type 1 (bare metal, like exsi?kvm or xen) do you support with AMD FirePro S10000 in passthru mode to map GPU to VM?

My case: I want to use GPU in VM with passthru mode to  work with HPC ...

Problem: When I try to work with 64bit map io PCI with S10000 in passtru mode (to map GPU to VM) in ESXi and kvm its not working... EXSi not support 64bit map io PCI ... KVM partially support but have some trouble also...

How can I fix it? (may be I can set some settings in driver )

If I use 32bit PCI mapping I have bad performance  (I use it for HPC... for example I tested with hashcat utility ) may be I must use some extra settings?

thanks in advance, Maxim!

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