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Journeyman III

How to reset reference list on H264_VLD_NoFGT (DXVA) decoder device

problems with H264 interlaced stream from DVB-T

I'm developing a H.264 DXVA decoder and have a problem on ATI/AMD GPUs, when input data comes corrupted. Decoder: H264_VLD_NoFGT.

Interlaced signal is captured from DVB-T, and with poor signal quality there are some packets missing (sometines hole field is missing). GPU decoder returns error (everything OK for now).

When signal quality runs back to normal, decoder returns OK, but decodes video with glithes (forever, in about 1 second delays). Only way to repair decoding is to reset the decoder device (which is to slow solution for real time decoding).

I suspect it is because no IDR frames present in the stream and corrupted reference list, which GPU holds itself.

So finally the question is:

how to reset or force reference list without decoder device resetting?