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Journeyman III

How to prevent blurry/pixelated video?

Hi all,

First, my specs:

GPU: Radeon HD 7700

Monitor: HP Pavilion 2011x

Catalyst Version 14.4

OS: Windows 7 64-bit

Next, a bit about my problem:

I'm a film student who creates films and well as watches videos often, sometimes online (Youtube, Vimeo, Netflix), and sometimes locally (files I've downloaded to my computer). I noticed that when watching videos, the image is blurry and slightly pixelated when the video is playing. However, when I pause the video, the image becomes more clear and crisp.

Here is a frame of a video of mine within Adobe Premiere when paused:


Here is that same frame within Premiere when playing:


Hopefully you can see the difference in the sharpness and "crispness". This issue is one that is replicated when watching videos online.

My video quality settings within Catalyst are as follows:

Edge-Enhancement: Enabled, 100

De-noise: Enabled, 64

Mosquito Noise Reduction: Enabled, 50

De-blocking: Disabled

Enable dynamic contrast: Enabled

De-Interlacing: Use automatic setting

I have tried changing all of those settings, meaning I have both varied whether or not they're enabled and I have changed their values when they are enabled, and none of my tests have left me with quality, sharp video.

I tried to be as descriptive as I could in this post so you guys could give me the most appropriate help you can, hopefully we can figure this out! Thanks in advance!

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